NEW inhell email
(Gmail interface)

OLD inhell email
(Broken, but available until 20)
Do NOT use this to send mail anymore

UPDATE:     People have been emailing me from their old accounts. DO NOT do this, since I cannot respond to you (your email will bounce - you will not receive it. Email me from a different account. If you failed to respond to my many warnings about the change in service, you do not have an email address on the new system, and the old one will go away next Sunday. I will set up a forward to another email address for you, but you will need to provide an email address that I can send your inhell mail to. I suggest signing up for a Gmail account. - Shane

    Hi everyone, the migration went pretty well. The records are still updating, so until they are finished, email may not work properly. You should try to login now using the password I sent to you. If you don't have it, check your old mailbox using the link above. The old mail system is available, but only for the next week. As a consequence, any email you send to another user (unlikely) will probably bounce or fail with a horrible error. I'll spare you the technical details. If you are having trouble, email "admin" and tell me your username.